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Taiga Kagami
Kanji: 火神 大我

Kagami currently plays as the ace and power forward of Seirin High. He is Kuroko's colleague and friend and is determined to defeat the Generation of Miracles and become the best in Japan.

Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 190 cm (6' 3")
Weight: 82 kg (181 lbs)
Birthday: August 2nd, Leo
Blood Type: A

Kagami is very muscular for a high school boy. He is very tall, which gives him an overwhelming aura, which some say has the intensity of a wild tiger. He has dark red hair, which occasionally appears as a red-black two tone, worn in a short style with very thin spikes. His eyes are red and rather narrow and his eyebrows are uniquely split in two. His skin complexion is a regular peach-tan.

He wears the red, black and white Seirin High jersey with the number 10 and wears black and red basketball shoes. He is also occasionally seen with a shiny metal necklace with a ring on it, that represents his friendship with Tatsuya Himuro. When he is seen in his school uniform, he keeps his gakuran unzipped, while wearing a white shirt underneath.

"It's not "want". We will become number 1!!"
"This is our show. We're the ones who are writing the script."
"I've decided! I'll take all these guys down and become the number one in Japan!"
"The reason I like playing basketball is because I can compete with lots of strong opponents!"
"After all, life is about challenges! Without strong opponents, living isn't fun. It's perfect if I can't win!"

Kagami is very ambitious, stubborn and determined. He refuses to give up in a difficult situation and is very head strong. He is mostly known for his undying and furious fighting spirit. He enjoys playing against strong opponents and sees no point in playing basketball when there are no stronger opponents. The down-side of this, is that he is also very hot-headed and has a short temper. Kagami has been given the nickname Baka-gami (literally, idiot-gami, freely translated as “Kagamidiot”), due to his simple-mindedness and temper.

When Kuroko brought Tetsuya #2 to the training, it is revealed that Kagami is scared of dogs. This fear originates from his time in America, where he was once bitten by a dog. He overcame this fear when he realized that Tetsuya #2 is good for the team and petted it. As revealed in the novels, Kagami is also afraid of ghosts. He is a glutton, known for his huge appetite, and is able to eat at least five times a normal meal. His favorite food is cheeseburger.

Kagami lives alone while his parents live overseas in America. It was mentioned that he was supposed to live with his father but due to work he was unable to stay in Japan, leaving Kagami to live by himself. His specialty outside of basketball is cooking and he is shown to be great at it. Apart from basketball and cooking, his skills also include walking on his hands and his hobby is surfing.

During the series and especially after the Interhigh and during the Winter Cup, Kagami has matured a lot. Instead of going up against every provocation and becoming hot-headed quickly, he thinks before he acts and has developed some sort of hindsight that lets him simulate a possible one-on-one battle. Even though that he still hates losing, he has somewhat made peace with it. Now, he has become a much more clever player that doesn't plunge into battles without thinking first.